Thursday, April 16, 2009

The finalists for Foldees “Open To Suggestion” contest

Ladies and Gentlemammys... here are the finalists to the Foldees "Open To Suggestion" Contest! For those who don't know about it, this contest was conceived because we felt our own ideas for contests were getting stale, and we wanted to hear what you guys would like to do! We received a total of 63 entries for the contest, which we've narrowed down to the ten you see below.

Just for clarification, these ten entries are picked not only from ingenuity, but also commercial and creative viability. Some of the entries were truly brilliant, but perhaps a bit too niche for a small site like ours. For instance, cards with a very specific target in mind (e.g. working dads) might not sell as well as other ideas that formed a broader scope.

Also, for the ideas that were similar, we took the one that was posted first.
However, if you don't see your entry here, or even if you don't end up winning this contest, fret not! We will be picking up a few of your ideas for future contests for sure, and will be sure to drop a little something something to show our gratitude. In the meantime, here are the top ten entries, and why we picked them!

  • WE ARE FOODIES - If there are two things we love, it's food and people! This was a concept we ourselves were thinking of, and we figured could get really yummy and messy given the right ideas. If this is picked, all we're asking for is at least ONE card related to cannibals. Not too much to ask is it?
  • A LITTLE PICK-YOU-UP - Pick-up lines in cards!? That's so brilliant we don't even have to say anything on top of it. We can just imagine some of you guys buying 20 of these, bringing them into a club and presenting them on the spot. Our favourite pickup line is "You are the rose, I am the thorn. Without your bloom, my prick's forlorn". But uh... don't use that one, okay?
  • FAIRYTALE - Another idea we were thinking of. Shrek is one of our all-time favourite movies and goes to show that there's ALOT of potential for poking fun at old fairy tales.
  • EXCUSES, EXCUSES - This theme would be great for everyday use cards. Especially in Malaysia where "I was late because" cards would be all the rage. However, there's a danger alot of the cards would be too niche to be too commercial, so we would probably have to come up with a few pre-emptive categories such as "Sorry I didn't make it on time" or "Sorry I was in a bad mood".
  • STREET ARTS - Graffiti! This should lend us some street cred... no more cutesy cuddly aliens! Foldees will be all about keepin' it real... know what'm sayin?
  • THE WRONG WAY - This one will take some serious ingenuity from our designers. It's a great idea for a contest, but it will be difficult. Think before you vote!
  • FROM THE SCREEN - Well, this one was coming sooner or later, wasn't it? Three people suggested this, so we're just taking the first one. Goodbye cards featuring Arnie saying his immortal lines? No brainer.
  • LET THE CARDS SPEAK - This one is very very cool. Conveying a greeting without so many words gives alot of opprtunities. Anyone ever heard of Silent Disco here? Or how about a Charlie Chaplin card? Also, you wouldn't even need to worry about grammar!
  • MONOCHROME - As you guys already know very well by now, we love simplicity here at Foldees, and it doesn't get more simple than just one colour. We're just salivating at thinking about how incredibly striking this collection would look in a store.
  • FADS - Bell-Bottoms and Hula Hoops! We think nostalgia cards would be a totally awesome trip down memory lane (*pun*)! Of course, the designs would have to cater to that era, but there's a heckuva lot of potential here!
    Honourable mention goes to Milkberry, for her postcard suggestion. It's brilliant, but we just don't have the infrastructure to support it with our current engine.

Please cast your votes on our recently cleansed forum! As you might know by now, your login details (username and password) have already been transferred from our main site to the forum, so you don't need to register again. All you need to do is login with your current details. If you're having any problems with logging in to the forum, please email us at!

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