Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ratings period closed for Monochrome

Ok, critics, mouses down please. The ratings period for the Monochrome greeting card contest is now closed. We will be tabulating the ratings and announcing the results on the 31st of July (maybe sooner if we’re itchy!). Keep tabs on the results at

In the meantime, if you’re feeling itchy, the deluge of entries has already started for Mr. Roboto! Hurry and submit your entry early for a better chance at better feedback from us! Submissions close on 15th August. Here’s a preview of some of the entries we’ve already received (some of these are not finalised or confirmed as yet).


2009071515164704352107228942_RobotLove_Cover_2034_cover 2009072309512600660443055955_TemplateCover_2101_cover [566]-salchipunk---Oz-(Cover)


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