Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bonus prizes for Monochrome

Over the past year, we’ve seen alot of designs go unrewarded. On average, we approve about 50-60 designs per contest, so essentially, only about 10% of you get significant prizes. And even then, it’s by public opinion, which means that weird, quirky cards are seldom recognised.

As such, for this contest, we wanted to change that. We want people to keep coming up with weird stuff, which is why we now have a few new awards to introduce, each worth US$100!

So, without further ado, the first award we’re giving out today is…

The “My-kid-could-paint-that!” Award

This one goes to the design that best illustrates that you don’t need a PhD in Graphic Design from the London School of Economics to win on Foldees. The design should be simple, but get the point across with an illustration that anyone could put together.

And the winner is…

You Light Up My Life
by melissachan

melissachan---You-Light-Up-My-Life-(Cover) melissachan---You-Light-Up-My-Life-(Content)

With about 6 months experience, you could have done this card with MSWord (although yes, we only accept AI). It’s a brilliant example of a simple concept that people appreciate simply because of it’s simplicity, echoed by the first commenter of the card - “just text, but somehow ..i like it.


The “Fourth-wall” Award

For this award, the user has to break what’s known as the fourth wall. This means talking to his audience in a way that makes them forget for a second that it’s just a printed greeting card. This award goes to..

Them Ol' Birthday Blues
by catpowers

catpowers---Them-Ol-Birthday-Blues-(Cover) catpowers---Them-Ol-Birthday-Blues-(Content)

Let us just say that those blotches on the right of the inside are awesome! It’s this sort of out-of-the-box thinking that we really do appreciate here at Foldees. Not to mention that when giving this card physically, it’s a great thing to be able to attribute different comments to different bugs. We’ve already used one ourselves :)


The “How-come-it-didn’t-win-an-Award?!” Award

This award goes to the card that gives us the same feeling as going to watch “Burn After Reading” in the cinema. We’re wondering why we’re the only ones laughing, and attribute it to the weird sense of humour that was handed down by our ancestors.

Stop not laughing. Anyways, the award goes to….

Out Of Stock
by streetfx

streetfx---Out-Of-Stock-(Cover) streetfx---Out-Of-Stock-(Content)

Maybe it’s a Malaysian thing, cos you ALWAYS get this comment whenever you go to a shopping mall, simply cos the attendants are too lazy to get off their bums and look for the item for you, which is sorta like you being too lazy to go out and get your friend a gift. Whichever it is, we totally cracked up when we saw it!

And after the contest, we sort of realised that not everyone got it. Oops.


The “What-were-you-smoking?!” Award

This award goes to the card that demonstrates best during his creation process that he was high. Without hesitation, this award goes to ….

Worried About Getting Older?
by Baskirovs

Baskirovs---Worried-about-getting-older-(Cover) Baskirovs---Worried-about-getting-older-(Content)

Not really much explanation needed. I’ll have what he’s having.



We’ll be contacting you to arrange for your prizes in a bit. Congratulations again, guys… and stay whacked aight?


cscottdraw said...

I admit... I totally did not get "burn after reading"

But I do like(and get) the out of color card... <3

chak said...

ahhaha... that's ok, chelsey... I'm sure someone felt the same about us during 17 again.

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