Sunday, September 13, 2009

XMAS 2.0 (a very short contest!)

Christmas is coming a little early this year! We’re running a sprint contest until October 15th 2009. This is so we can pop the cards on shelves in time for the early Christmas crowd in November.

To be honest, we have been scouring the net and every greeting card store we could find to come up with a decent theme for this year’s Christmas contest. And what have we come up with after all this exhausting research? Christmas cards are surprisingly DULL.

Here were the best ones we could find.

2008101920165201710130936365_cmmoong - I DON'T Like Big Butts (Cover) 2008101920213602811133348576_terryisdafox - Stuck On Christmas (Cover)2008102323174805850740993679_Laurie Williams - Iron Snowman (Cover) 2008102323252400700635687937_grafismo - X-plosive X-Mas (cover) 2008102704434101401859263975_PO - X-MAS (Cover) 2008101919380901250063152219_uden - Santa Vader (cover)

Oh wait… right… you guys designed these, didn’t you? :)

Anyhow, this year, we’ve come to a conclusion that it’s time for a change. Santa, Rudolph and the elves need a serious MAKEOVER! Welcome to Foldees 2nd ever Christmas contest, simply entitled…

. xmas2.0_350

Maybe Santa needs to get on facebook… maybe he needs some budget cuts, or perhaps an army of cyborg elves and a hover-sleigh.Come up with your envisioning of the new XMAS (either based on present or future environments) and yes, you could win more than US$2500 in cash!

The contest runs until October 15th 2009, Details at Don’t wait – participate!

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