Saturday, October 10, 2009

The ratings system – suggestions?

Once again, there have been some feedback, emails and comments to suggest that our ratings system is a popularity contest. Allow me once again to re-iterate that this is EXACTLY what we’re trying to avoid.

In fact, even our Design Slut winner didn't manage to crack the Top 5, despite not only having some great designs, but also the most comments and support from his fans.

Why is this? Well, because we get raters to rate not only their friends’ cards, but others as well, we can track trends. We won’t go into the specific algorithm (to protect our own system), but needless to say, it removes votes that appear bias in any significant way.

The system, we believe, takes individual popularity out of the equation, and makes our voting system a true representative of which are the best designs in each contest. However, if you feel differently… let us know.

Leave your comments below, but play nice okay? :)


藍血人 said...

Uhm no. For me I think the rating system is fair enough. Especially this time round, everyone of us have seen how the system made a change while we thought it to be another way. Keep in up Chak! You guys have been doing good job =)

chak said...

heya shuwan!

Thanks for the support. I'm receiving a bit of private feedback on this issue as well, with a few suggestions.

What we'll do is to compile a survey sheet for you guys to fill up and see how that works out.

Fox said...

The rating system is good. From contest to contest, u see cards with good message and great artwork that gets picked.
I guess what troubles the designers based on the comments from the shoutbox is that, to rate a card, u just need an account. Creating a fake email is easy. But im sure Foldees have found a solution to curb this. If designers still feel that people are taking advantage of this situation, why not make it into 60% public vote, 40% special guest vote like celebrities, jedis etc, etc..i dunno, u could call up george lucas, steven speilberg, jar jar bink, homer simpson or someone famous from the designing field..just my 2 cents
Keep on rocking Foldees!

Kokuzo said...

Yeah agree with Fox. You guys in Foldees sure have many many colleague and friends who don't involved with this contest. Maybe can ask them for help? The result will be fair enough I guess, because they have no idea who the contestant is.

Of course, sometimes Foldees should moderate the vote if you feel something isn't right. I'm 100% sure you guys also want really good cards to be on the winner list to keep Foldees quality.

IMO, no offense, but I think the design slut isn't a good idea. Because I think it'll trigger the populariy contest. Just my opinion.

Thanks. Keep rockin' Foldees. You guys are doin' great.

chak said...

thanks guys!

The Design slut award is meant to publicise the contest. As Ayeisha has somewhat unfortunately proven, just because someone publicises, doesn't automatically mean that their design will win because the engine and the number of votes prevents it from being purely a popularity contest.

Still, your feedback is massively appreciated!