Sunday, June 20, 2010

Star Wars Cards

star wars christmas santa vader big

Did you know that what transformed James Cameron from a truck driver to the world’s most bankable director was a desire to top Star Wars?

I just went back and re-watched the original Star Wars again and boy do I miss the good ol’ days (not Episode One, which sucked. A New Hope) . Even if Avatar was amazing and did gross a gazillion dollars, I can’t really remember the names of more than two characters in the entire movie.

Luke Skywalker though? Or C-3PO, Hans Solo, or even Boba Fett, who barely made a 2 minute appearance in the first few movies… they’ve all been inducted into the mainstream consciousness, and will probably still be there long after Neytiri, Trudy Chacón and Norm have been all but forgotten.

A cause, or effect of this is the ridiculous amount of merchandise and pop-culture references Star Wars gets, and we’re no different! Our own Star Wars themed cards get massive interest, so it’s about time that we gave them a few unique URLs to help you guys reference or search for them.

Star Wars Birthday Cards

Most of these, except for Cmmoong’s entry, were from our Where No Man Has Gone Before contest. Roddenberry vs Lucas - Lucas wins 8:0.

star wars birthday r2d2 cake star wars birthday obi wan kenobi jawa mind trick star wars birthday yoda old

star wars birthday padawan yoda star wars birthday vader stormtroopers gift star wars birthday x-wing droid

star wars same birthday luke leia skywalker 2009033117034300781020951901_mdavict - I Am Your...(Cover) star wars birthday yoda candles


Star Wars Christmas Cards

I particularly like ud33n’s Santa Vader card, due to the joke on the inside, and the cutesy illustrations that he did up.

star wars christmas santa vader small star wars christmas death star x-wing

Star Wars Get Well Card

Most. Awesome. Get Well. Card. EVER!

star wars get well card lightsaber force


May the force be with you and our new SEO experiments :)


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