Sunday, September 7, 2008



Yup, that's right. After spending two months collecting designs through our "We Are All Geeks" greeting card contest,, is finally ready to sell some cards!

We are proud to present 70 of the GEEKIEST greeting cards in the world, made by some of the most talented designers in the world (including US, Japan, the Philippines and of course, Malaysia), with topics ranging from Superpoking to lightsaber-syringes!

How to buy?

We're currently offering two ways of getting your favourite cards through to your friends/stalkees/enemies. You can either:-

  • Buy Blank Card(s) - and have them packaged nicely with envelopes and sent to your doorstep


  • Customise & Send - which allows you to type your messages online, and have our beautifully printed cards sent to any doorstep in the world! Login and you can even sign off with your own personal avatar.

Each card retails for US$ 2.00 and is printed on Evolution 280g, which is a heavy-duty yet environmentally-friendly paper, approved by the FSC, the world's leading authority on minimising the impact of paper on our planet.

The flyer is attached. We also have (really awesomely cool) hi-res pictures of every card, so if you need any additional information to help us spread the word, then just drop me a message at We really, really need your help at this point to blog about this! Also, if you could do us a favour and let any of your friends in the media know about this, it would really really help!

Remember, the more people that buy your cards, the more royalties we pay out for each card sold, creating smiles all around :)


bem69 said...

Cool, are the sales picking up? Probably will spike in due time when you have cards for various occasions :). Just a question, how does a submitter check his card's number of sales?

chak said...

Hi bem,

you can check your Royalties to see how many cards you've sold. The royalties are updated monthly, so that we can corroborate things like fraud and bugs for now.

The Royalties page is pretty basic right now, but we have plans to spruce it up big time to let you guys know in detail what's going on with your site. Think Facebook notifications and you're on the right track ;)

As for sales, we have sold a few already, but nothing to really shout about for the moment. It's also nothing compared to what we're expecting for xmas :)

Emila Yusof said...

Yay! Congrats! Will buy some soon! If I buy my own card, will I get special discount or something; maybe minus the royalty?

Love the choice of paper! You go green, Foldees!

chak said...


Thanks emila :)

Green's a personal belief of mine, so you can bet that I'll try my damndet to make sure our cards are not coming at the cost of the planet.

you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find proper enviro-friendly paper in this country.