Thursday, September 25, 2008

"A Comic Book Christmas" Greeting Card Design Contest (plus a few ideas to get you guys started)


That's right! It's time for our second contest!

This time around, we're decking the halls... with comics!

Once again, it's the same rules. Pure flat colour vector art. No rasters, filters, shadows or trasnparencies.

For the theme, anything to do with christmas and comics will suffice. What kinda comics? ANY KIND! Anime, superhero, newspaperstrips, Single picture, modern, classic, pop-art, old school, new school, whatever!

Here are a coupla ideas to get you guys started off!


  • Covers with multiple section punch-lines like comic strips



  • Two page gags, with the 2nd page inside the card

As usual with our contests, go nuts! Let those creative juices flow and let's make it a Christmas to remember!

What's in it for you?

Whoah. We've got something well and truly nuts this time. In the spirit of Christmas and giving, we've got 10 awesome prizes! Better still, you get to pick what you win!

No comprende?

We have a list of prizes ranging from iPods to multi-function printers, and depending on how highly-ranked your card is rated by the public, you get preference of your prize. meaning 1st place winner will pick first, 2nd place winner will pick 2nd and so on...

What are the prizes? click here!

Also, we've got US$600 cold hard cash for 1st prize (in addition to the prize you pick from Santa's Bag'O'Gadgets), US$300 for 2nd, and US$150 for third!

How to Join?

Easy! just download our AI Template, follow the instructions, and upload your files here!

The contest is open to anyone from anywhere, as long as there's some way we can get those prizes to you (whether by boat, plane or air-balloon).

Contest ends 20th October 2008, but remember, the earlier you submit, the more we can help you tweak your designs!

So get cracking!


Emila Yusof said...

Wohoo! What a great theme!

bem69 said...

I'll try submitting something, though I know the competition will be tighter. Cool theme though.

chak said...


Don't let that stop you mate :)

Show the world what Malaysians can do!

Noelevz said...

I'll try to join this one again! :)
Good luck to all! :)

Vicente said...

Tenho que mostrar o que o Brasil pode fazer...

chak said...


Anonymous said...
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