Sunday, November 9, 2008

Play Nice!

Guys, once again, we're happy that there's so much feedback to the cards! However,  there are still misunderstandings aplenty, and as you've probably noticed, we're starting to moderate alot of the comments again.

First off, click on this link to see our stand on comments that we deem are proper or otherwise.

Once you're done with that, allow us once again to say that if you're going to critique something, at least make it constructive. A few comments made on the site such as "No Good" really don't help the designer improve himself. At least a mention of what you don't like about it would help, for instance, something as simple as even "Too dark".

As for the designers, try not to take criticism too harshly. There are so many opinions in this world, and people do tend to be a bit more candid on the Internet than in person, so our advice would be to take what you think is fair, and let the rest just slide off.

At the end of the day, the only opinions that you should take into account are from people you respect :)

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StreetFX said...

:) I accept any comments.