Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comment Moderation & Plagiarism Concerns

After a few inappropriate comments, we've decided to implement moderation on all comments posted. Unfortunately, we can only do this every coupla days due to our small team, so if you see anything you think we should take a look at, do let us know on our new Feedback Page.

A couple of guidelines for comments

  1. Comments should be about the card, not the designer.
  2. No foul language or comments that we deem offensive or deliberately confrontational
  3. We will soon include a new "Report Plagiarism" link on every card. Please use this and do not comment on plagiarism directly in the comments section of the card. If we believe the card has been copied, we will take action.

Speaking of plagiarism, takes an official stand that we wish to support originality. This means that we might be removing a few cards from the competition, that we feel are not original ideas.


Anonymous said...

Ya loh... Comment on the card, Not the Designer. Don't be like our Menteri in the latest Debate!

chingy said...

Agree with this wholeheartedly.

bem69 said...

I agree with this, and please, if you can, say something about people who comment with just "..." or "---" or even their brand preference. Its not really a comment on the card if you keep talking about, iMac, macbooks, apple, or apple keyboard. Not that I have anything against them but what, pray tell, has it got to do with the card designs? Yes, thats a plural, since I see it in several of the cards. Well, just my opinion.

It's pretty cool to have a blog along with the contest page, easier for us to communicate with the organisers. Good stuff.

chingy said...

I remember seeing one comment,

"Er, no comment"


chak said...

karmakloth: thanks for the post on your blog! Glad you agree :)

bem: we saw those, but also didn't see much reason to remove them. If it turns ugly, we will take action. Thanks for the support!

chingy: If politicians have thought us one thing, a "no comment" can speak volumes... heh.

Guys, remember, if you see any comments you think we should take a look at, don't hesitate to use the new Feedback page ya?

azsury said...

this is Contest, leave your comment nicely and peace..yeah

StreetFX said...

I've participate many kinds of competitions....I have to say,this is one of the competition that many comments given are really cruel.Haha...its a fact.