Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Contest Deadline Extended to 28th (yes, we know... we know...)

Okay. I know what we said earlier (No free lives, no extensions... blah blah), buuuuttt... how were we to know that our dear hosting providers would be visited by evil elves in the middle of the night and sabotaged on THE LAST TWO DAYS OF SUBMISSIONS!?

Anyways, even though the site is back up now, we would like to at least give a chance to those who have been trying to submit their entries to the site for the past two days. So, we're extending the contest to the 28th of December for submissions!

You can continue to submit on the site, but once again, if you have any problems whatsoever, please submit your entries via email. Details for email submission here. also, if you're unsure whether your submission got through successfully, do send an email to and we'll check it up for ya :)

In the meantime, our humblest apologies to those who have been trying to get through to our site with submissions for hours! We're really grateful for your efforts, and will find a way to make amends for your patience, so watch this space.

Looking forward to seeing your entries... In the meantime, if you're looking for something to do this Christmas, check out It's a place where you can sponsor micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them improve their situations! We've just sponsored a candy shop in Tajikstan!

Make a loan
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Location: Bolivia
Loan Needed: $2,725
25 % funded would love to wish everyone in the whole wide world, including our users, customers, suppliers and designers a wonderful Christmas!

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