Friday, December 19, 2008

Problems with uploading engine

Quite a few of you have emailed in saying that you're having problems submitting your designs. Unfortunately, it's a problem with our hosting company, which we have already submitted a complaint about already.

They have offered to move us to a more stable server, though, but this will require a few days of downtime, which we're scheduling for the Christmas period instead to minimise the inconvenience to you guys.

For the time being however, if you really really can't submit through the uploading engine, please email the designs directly to a new email I've set-up for you guys -

When you email your design, please include the following information.

Email - (The email you used to register to Foldees)

Design Title



Speaking on that topic of Titles, I also want to mention that you should try for more unique sounding titles. This will enable your card to stand out from the rest, and be more easily indexable and searchable on our site, and other search engines. For instance, for our first contest, there must've been at least 15 cards entitled "Happy Birthday". Why not change to something a bit more unique, like "Only one candle!?" or something else that describes the crd a bit more. Here are a few good examples :-

cmmoong - I Don't Like Big Butts!

uden - Santa Vader

KarmaKloth83 - The Missing of Mr.Snowman

Remember, only 5 days to go! Get those submissions in quick!

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