Sunday, January 18, 2009

14.2% OFF all Foldees cards and you don't even need a credit card!


As you can see, Pink is our new obsession!

We've got some Double Happiness coming your way before Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to do a CNY contest, so you guys'll just have to make do with our lovely gaming-related love cards from "The Game of Love".

Speaking which, all cards on the site will be 14.2% off until Valentine's Day! As mentioned on the flyer, if you need to ask why we chose that magic number, you'll probably need to buy a stackload of em :)

The 2nd bunch of happiness we're bringing is a new tie in with MOL to purchase cards using MOLePoints! MOL is short for Malaysia On Line, and MOLePoints are their primary offering (and incidentally Malaysia's #1 prepaid online currency)! You can purchase MOLePoints at any 7-Eleven in Malaysia. With these points, you'll be able to come to our site, and use 'em to buy Malaysia's #1 greeting cards with an attitude!

Unfortunately, this function is currently available only for the Malaysian public, but very very soon, we'll also be integrating with MOL's other branches in India, Singapore and China! This is good news not only for Indians, Singaporeans and our Chinese brothers, but also great for all you designers looking to expose your work around the world, and us (of course!).

Spread the love peeps!

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