Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Start rating our "Game of Love" entries and get a FREE CARD!!

Sorry for the delay guys, we were waiting for a few small fixes to some of the entries, and right on schedule, VOILA! The tragic Foldees team has missed another deadline.

However, we received some CRIMINALLY wicked cards this time around, with themes that varied from Donkey Kong to Poker! We did receive quite a bit fewer entries than usual this time around, which we assume is because everyone's having a rollicking good Christmas (ourselves included!)

But that's good news for the rest of you... the less cards to rate to get your free one! As has become our tradition with Foldees, each of you gets to send a FREE card to anywhere in the world, as long as you take the time to vote for all the entries in our contest!

Don't forget.... vote unfairly (and we do have ways of finding out) and your vote gets nullified. So please do save us, and yourselves the time and try to be fair to all the participants :)

So far, as you can tell, our winners have always been deserving, not due to popularity but sheer appeal of their designs, and this time isn't going to be any different.

We also have some rather interesting announcements coming up in the next coupla weeks, specifically for those of you without credit cards.... Foldees will be offering some payment options that'll open us up to a whole new audience.

So stay tuned, and start rating out our fab new designs here (you need to be logged in first)

Closing date for ratings is 3rd February 2009

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