Sunday, November 22, 2009

Foldees is EVERYWHERE this Christmas (14 stores & counting…including Penang!)


As a nice close off towards the end of 2009 (and Foldees peak season: Christmas!), we are very very very dizzily happy to announce that we’re now available in 14 stores across Malaysia, including two of the most hip hoppenin shopping malls in Penang!

Currently, most of these stores will be selling a select number of your Christmas cards, and some will also stock our usual selection of wacky birthday, love and other cards.

We’re also exploring other retail channels in other countries, most likely including neighbouring Singapore by the end of the year!

In the meantime, check our Store Locations page to see where YOU can pick up some very very funky Christmas cards.



Our newest retail partner is S&J, a company that sells all sorts of gift items! Like us, they’re also started up by some very young (although maybe not so young) people. Two brothers called Sam and Jeff. Thus S&J. These guys started with two stores in Penang, and have now expanded to include pretty much every major mall in Malaysia with the exception of the snobs over at KLCC.

Anyways, we browsed through their 1 Utama store, and here are some of our favourite bits.


WATCH YOUR STEP: A door stop shaped like a banana peel!



UH?: As near as we can figure, this is a miniature japanese house that can light up from your car ciggy lighter?


MIDGET SHOPPING CARTS: Useful for Kero-Keropi fans shopping for bottle caps.




RUDOLPH!: Like searching for a red-nose in a haystack



Oh… and an MJ impersonator for good measure :)

Welcome aboard guys!

To see where you can find S&J stores, visit our store locations page, or the S&J homepage itself :)


Emila Yusof said...

Chak! That is good news!!! More kaching for you and for me also! :D

laydeh said...

MJ impersonater = jade?

chak said...

Emila: You betcha! Your cards will be going on after Christmas season only though :(

BTW, we're launching a new contest very very soon. Do drop something off!

laydeh: heh. shhhh.

Mike Tee said...

Fua fua... congrats man... hooray to technopreneurs going from online to offline!

chak said...

mike: wherever there's a decent buck to be made. And decent as

Danny Foo said...

Congrats Foldees. :)

I was wondering when you guys will be supplying cards to the stores. LOL!

chak said...

Thanks Danny!

Don't forget to pick some up for Christmas!