Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zodiac Zoo – What’s your sign?

I never really believed in star signs. The thing that really got to me was that that Virgos, and by association my good self, are supposed to be perfectionists. Just by that belief alone, I thought all star signs were rubbish.

I was the guy in class who would laugh at the other guy who studied 7-days a week to score 99% in Advanced Maths, while I probably put in half a day for my 85%. Both still As after all, right?

However, I have recently discovered my perfectionist streak. It comes in two forms. The first is in language. As a former Editor for some of Malaysia’s top tech magazines, I always cringed enough to form a black hole everytime i saw the smallest error in the final print. Also, yes I do spel-check my blog entries… but then again, doesn’t everybody?

The 2nd is in Foldees’ interface. We were supposed to launch our new interface (which you can check out in a VERY short while) a month ago, but due to small refinements – which, by the way, I think are STILL not enough yet – it’s been delayed till sorta now.

Anyways, as you can see… i’m sort’ve a believer in this now, and it’s for that reason, in combination with my Chinese blood that makes me think this is our most brilliant contest yet! See, this year, Valentine’s Day coincides with the first day of Chinese New Year!


Simply design a card that uses elements of ANY Zodiac Calendar, and you could win up to US$2500 in cash prizes! We’re primarily looking for Love related, and Chinese New Year cards, but if you’ve got a good idea for a get-well, or birthday card, then go for it!

As usual, please submit vector art only, minus the gradients, opacity filters, effects or rasters, and original work only :)

Also, in a new feature I’d like to start, if you have any ideas for a greeting card for this contest, but don’t have the skills to start, why don’t you leave a comment on this blog with your idea and your contact, and have one of the designers contact you to work on your idea together?

Contest submissions close on January 10th 2010, which gives you a month and a half so get cracking and submit your entry here! The earlier you submit, the more time you’ll have to work on the feedback we’ll give you to make the best card possible :) Looking forward to the usual deluge of amazing ideas from you nutty lot.

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