Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Edge is never dull

We love the Edge. We’ve been buying it ever since we came out on the cover of Personal Money (which is under the same team)! Some of the people there are familiar cos I used to be with the media in a different life a while back.

Innotech-Netvalue-1Anyways, this time, we didn’t even get a call. The Edge was covering an event called Innotech, organised by our benefactors at MDeC, which we attended to look for potential investors.

Even though we weren’t expecting much interest (cos our company is still very early stage), we still popped together one heck of a Powerpoint, and gave away some of your cards to the nice people in suits.

And guess what? The investors really liked us! Here are some of the quotes off their interviews with (who else?) The Edge.

“For early stage companies, the only thing we can look at is the management. I just  innotech-netvalue -2met this young guy with this online greeting cards portal. He is very interestin, very driven. We like the management and will find out more about the company” – Augustine Ow, JAIC Asia Capital Pte. Ltd from Singapore.

Apart from these two companies, (William Liu, chairman and managing partner of Stream Global Pte. Ltd.) felt that energon, which basically sells online greeting cards, had very good ideas.

Click on the pictures to read the entire article!

A short week later, we were also invited onto the netV@lue segment of EdgeTV, a web-based business channel for The Edge. Here’s the two-part interview, hosted by the lovely Aishah Mustapha.




Thank you to all the lovely people at The Edge (we love you love us love you!) and the investors who saw enough promise to mention us in the interviews :)

Oh, and really sorry for showing up in shorts for the interview. We thought it was a podcast. The secret is now out! *gasp*


KW said...

Oi chak, tok cock ah. Anyway, nice speech there and I'm proud of you. So when are we coming out and popepopepope and share with me your success stories :-)

Again, before I sign off. I'm proud of you!

chak said...

hahaha... even in shorts?

Melinda said...

Congrats!! Happy 4 u :D

chak said...

thanks Melinda!

How's yours goin?