Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Curious Things

As promised, here's a happy post to make up for the previous one.

I've actually been wanting to upload these pictures for a while now, but I've just been very busy sorting out the details of our upcoming shopping cart features.

Random Item #1: The Official Foldees Shoe! Yay!

Here's the first item today, the Official Foldees Shoes! I spotted these in SoleWhat in the Gardens, and even though they were the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, I decided that they needed to be officiated by Foldees.


Doesn't look like anything special? Have a closer look.



that's right! The patterns are actually drawn on by what looks like a really blotchy ink pen. How cool is that!? Anyways, I thought it really suited our theme, so i decided that if we ever go for IPO someday, I will wear these shoes together with my expensive suit.

Unless of course they come up with another version that has a yellow swoosh.


Random Item #2: Very Cool Middle-Aged Man



Pretty much self-explanatory.

When asked, above man said that the laptop belongs to his wife. Oh well, kinda lowers the cool factor, but still... not something you see everyday.

What he should have said was "I like Hello Kitty. Got a problem with that, punk?".


Random Item #3: Toilet for Janitors


Spotted at Kota Kinabalu Internationa Airport. Poor guys really do have to clean up after themselves.


Random Item #4: Our new shopping cart!

Thought we'd throw this in as well. We just came up with this yesterday and we're smiling silly at how COOL it looks, which is usually a good sign. It's meant to look like a receipt that you get at a supermarket.


It's not the final shot yet, but do you guys like it? Lemme know your comments!


StreetFX said...

To honest,I personally don't like the order part design.

chak said...

StreetFX: Thanks for the feedback! Any ideas how to improve it?