Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ratings period over for "We Are All Geeks"

Pop the champagne!


After months of preparation, monitoring, promotions and a general state of panic, the first Foldees contest is now drawing to a close.

Here are a few choice numbers from our contest.

24,782 ratings

1992 comments (or 27 comments per card!)

43,504 page views

To be honest, we didn't even expect these sorts of numbers! For that, we have to thank you guys for being such great sports, and such a happy, (mostly) lovey dovey community of participative people.

We'd like to thank all those people who have featured us on their sites, blogs, newsreels, Facebook status updates and everything else!

Also, I've been told that we're also out on SURF Magazine August 2008, so do pick up a copy and find out a bit more about the Foldees team and our journey to this point.


Now we need to get our heads down and make sense of all these numbers. We do have a significant number of fraudulent votes (you know who you are), which we will be pruning out of the contest to ensure that the ratings system is fair to the winners.

Results (god-willing), will be announced on the 31st of August 2008 at midnight (GMT +0800).

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