Sunday, October 5, 2008

A few entries already, and the aftermath of Prize-giving (and pics for both!)

All things considered, it's been a quiet week for us for once. Our staff (all three of us) had a really good break over Raya, and now we're back, pumped and ready to kick some booty!

And what a surprise we had while we were on our little break as well. Two days after we launched the competition, we started receiving entries! And they're pretty darn good, so the rest of you better get your keisters in gear.

Here's one entry from ud33n. I love this one.



It's one of those more subtle type jokes that I love. Besides, who wouldn't crack up at the site of Darth Vader in a Santa suit? I mean honestly....

Speaking of Santa suits, check these babies out...


L-R: Bem, Jayhan, Me, Chapit's friend, Chapit, Vapour, Roong and (sorry i forgot your name!)

Our first prize-giving ceremony was a nice, casual affair, which really let us get to know you guys better (and for you guys to get to know each other better!). At the event, we launched the 2nd contest, of which you know the theme by now (thus the reindeer horns). Here are a few more pictures from the event.


Preparation for the event. The girl in white is jean, our DB for the night.



The early comers, including Michael from The Star, his photographer, Darren, JayHan, Justin and Kevin.


The really late-comers, KarmaKloth83 (aka Matthew) and his girlfriend. they arrived just in time to finish the leftovers (Thanks guys! We hate wasting food!). Matt showing off his new bangs :)


Wernshen, the writer from with me, and PheiPhei with Hwe Chin holding up the foldees button badge.


Our DB doesn't like guys with facial hair. Apparently it tickles. St. Justin does his best impersonation of Home Alone.


My friend Calvin doing a bizarre impersonation of Zummi's an Urge To Poke.


4th place winner, Chapit, receiving his Bamboo Fun Tablet! He's quite a sleepy guy. Hope he wakes up to participate in this round of competition since his entries were some of my favourites.


2nd place winner, Bem69, getting both the Intuous3 4x6 (which he will be carrying around as his mobile design kit), and a cheque for RM1000! Bem came with his lovely fiance, Soulie (you can see her on the right holding another camera).


The final picture of the night, Guess who this car belongs to?

And five days later...


Emila Yusof receives her extremely big cheque (not in size, but in amount), with her winning card, and her MASSIVE Intuos3 A4. Our slightly height-challenged photographer accidentally cut my forehead off.

Unfortunately, Emmanuel Martinez (noelevz) hails from the Phillipines so he couldn't make it. CheeChingy is still at large. Anyone who has any clue as to her whereabouts, please contact us immediately*. In the meantime, to our Muslim buddies, HAPPY HARI RAYA, and would like to hope that you've stuffed yourselves silly after all that fasting!


* Just kidding, we're passing her gift to her tomorrow :)


bem69 said...

Nice work from ud33n there, something quite original, well done!

Looks like the competition's gonna be pretty tight judging from ud33n's entry, I still haven't started mine since its Rayaaaa woohoo.

Quite possibly another late entry from me and Chak, thanks for the great pic of the plate number /sarcasm.

Congrats to all, and thanks to Foldees for the prize-giving event.

Oh and Emila, that Intuos looks like its as big as you hahaha.

chingy said...

Thanks Chak!
You're realllllly tall.O_O!

chak said...

Ahahahah... I've finally managed to locate CheeChingy with Bem's GPS.

Ching: Er... yes I am :)

Bem: You're welcome. And yes, it ain't gonna be easy. Heh. Why doncha do a santa superhero cover?

bem69 said...

Chak: Surprisingly I don't even have GPS lol. Anyway, illustrating it would be fine but getting an original idea is the problem, but I'll try anywayyyyyyyyyyyy.