Monday, May 3, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 @ Cap Square KL Part 2 – The Neighbourhood (1st floor)

OKAY! Let’s take a walk around and see who’s around us. Let’s start with the Big Boys! First off, there are the guys who told us about KL Design Week in the first place, and whom we first met at last year’s event.

Wall Tailor! – A company that does some very cool custom wall decal stickers that are guaranteed for 5 years! They have the most polished, professional and just plain kick-ass booth in sight. Looking at them, we figured there was no point pumping more money into our booth just because there was no way we could outdo this…

KL Design Week (44)

KL Design Week (48)

No funny jokes about the balloon over her head.


KL Design Week (45)

A photo booth for people to take pictures and post on their blogs. Note the syncing of inside and outside illustrations.


KL Design Week (42) KL Design Week (47)

A wall of kisses where people can try to see how easy it is to paste Wall-Tailor’s decals (verdict: pretty darn easy).

Incidentally, Wall-Tailor is having a competition too!

KL Design Week (10)

Visit for more info!


At 9 oçlock are the stone creatures from HapaHapa. This is the quietest booth in the exhibition primarily cos they’ve got the worst location on the floor (ours is 2nd worst due to late booking). It’s basically a showcase of stone creatures created by Lucas Blim. He basically wants to generate interest in his project, which is to use these little creatures for an animated movie.

KL Design Week (32)


Up next are our neighbours. At11ó clock are the Click Clack Club, a formation of photographers from MIA

KL Design Week (40)

They’re selling some really cute camera keychains (RM8 each). I bought one for someone’s future birthday.

KL Design Week (38) KL Design Week (39)


Then at 12 oclock is the super colourful puzzling booth of 3 boutique design studios. pixelplayground09, Mars Psychedelic Studeo and iryssstudio.

KL Design Week (29) 

KL Design Week (70) KL Design Week (71)

They’re selling everything from T-shirts to button badges, and their booth and dressing looks like they take copious amonts of drugs. Although I’m sure they’re clean as a whistle.

Kids, say no to drugs.


At 1oçlock are the new boys in town, Cut Out magazine. They’re pretty much the first design-focused mag in town, and aim to concentrate on the synergy between business and design. Suitably, the two founders are Jay (an art guy) and Vivian (a very tall former account servicing girl). Yes they are going out.

KL Design Week (94)

They were hosting a competition for their 4th issue cover, and here were their participants. If you want to join, do visit for more info.

KL Design Week (72)

Oddly enough, they’re sharing their booth with a guy that does Sugar-sculptures. They’re really impressive when he does them live. You’ll never look at sugar the same way again.

KL Design Week (1) KL Design Week (3) KL Design Week (75)KL Design Week (4) 


Over on the other side of the 1st floor are some really cool exhibitors as well. My personal favourite was a very very talented artist called Nana, who brands her items as roomism. I’ll let her art speak for itself.

KL Design Week (64) KL Design Week (65) KL Design Week (61) KL Design Week (63)

It’s very Tim Burton, but i love it for not just being design wankery. Each picture has some really funny undertones. Aside from that, she also sells these pouches…

KL Design Week (62)

And Has this really adorable rabbit paper sculpture…

KL Design Week (60) 


Another one of my favourites was Urban Cr3atures, with their really cute paper foldable dolls at a criminally cheap RM6 each. These dolls are basically a printed cut-out sheet, which then fold to become these sorta cute, helpless caricatures. We told them they should be called Foldees instead of us.

KL Design Week (53) 

 KL Design Week (57)KL Design Week (56) 



Here are some other pictures from the various other exhibitors that I didn’t cover...

KL Design Week (50) KL Design Week (51) KL Design Week (49) KL Design Week (66)

KL Design Week (67) KL Design Week (68)

There really was too much talent to cover, so I’ll just leave it at this, and post Part 3 tomorrow – everything else :)


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