Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 @ Cap Square KL Part 3 – Everyone Else

Welcome to Part 3 of our KL Design Week coverage. It’s now Day 4 (Tuesday), and to be honest, quite quiet during the weekdays here. KL Design Week (105)

(LEFT: note the enthusiasm on these two young un’s from Wall-Tailor)

On the bright side though, we do have plenty of opportunity as you can see, to blog and twit more than we ever have before (our regular followers will notice the upspike in activity over the last 3 days).

Anyways, now that we’ve covered our neighbourhood, we’re going wandering around the rest of CapSquare KL, which we can only say has been infested with color and plastic glasses in all areas!


First off, in all areas, you’ll find these cute little Secret Tents, in which hobbyists and students can sell their handcrafted wares.

KL Design Week (101)

KL Design Week (98) KL Design Week (109)KL Design Week (118)


I actually bought a rock off this guy… Jux, who loves drawing incredibly detailed skylines with little godzillas and pandas running around. Very Cool.

KL Design Week (113)KL Design Week (112)KL Design Week (117)


Downstairs in the main hall, things were surprisingly even more quiet, with mostly foreign exhibits, and a few more tents. This artist, Olivier, was representing a french studio called Hero Studio.KL Design Week (87)KL Design Week (90)KL Design Week (89)


There was also this kinda cool precision projection thing that made this look like moving billboards.

KL Design Week (97)


This was the main stage, which was pretty much the only exposure evailable for the sponsors.  It was also the place where Mukhriz Mahatir gave his speech. I don’t understand why in Malaysia, we all clap for these VIPs we don’t respect, even when they are 2 hours late. It’s so weird.

 KL Design Week (108)KL Design Week (99)


Some other artwork. Can’t remember the artists… sorry! But nice though…

KL Design Week (92) KL Design Week (93)KL Design Week (91)   KL Design Week (114)    

The last picture is my friend Thomas doing the Magnum. Incidentally, Thomas was once the king of Quake in Malaysia. He now works in a local audio studio called White Noise.

On the 2nd floor of Cap Square, there’s a very promising student exhibition. Although I’ve said it several times before, I’m continually impressed by the level of talent here in Malaysia, and sad that alot of it goes unnoticed.

Here’s an interesting one. It’s a fully 3-D display, which was displaying polygonal logos and models. Although not quite up to tony Stark standard yet, it was pretty impressive!

KL Design Week (119)


Then there was this great character designer, with his Orang Minyak and Chinese Vampires. Very Cute…

 KL Design Week (135) KL Design Week (136)

And then there was the work from the One Academy people, including their work with Ubisoft (only like the 2nd biggest game publisher in the world!).

KL Design Week (121)


Next door to the ONE Academy booth was the UITM booth, with some very interesting typography work.

KL Design Week (122) 

We couldn’t help but chuckle at what a wandering American tourist might think of this last one, considering that UIAM is the biggest Islamic University in the region.

KL Design Week (123)


Also on display were some really cool product designs, like these Handcuff-like clothes hangers.

KL Design Week (127)KL Design Week (128)KL Design Week (129)KL Design Week (130)


And then there was the very morbid work of Dayana, who is possibly the sweetest looking girl i know who listens to DEATH METAL. Nine Inch Nails might as well be Westlife :)

KL Design Week (134)KL Design Week (132)KL Design Week (133)KL Design Week (131)

And finally some nicely dressed toilet bowls and mannequins for good measure.

KL Design Week (124) KL Design Week (125) KL Design Week (126)        

that’s it for now, from Cap Square. If anyone has any other articles about KL Design Week, do let me know and I’ll pop it in here as a link.

Not sure if there’ll be a part 4, so for now, Goodnight and Goodbye from Cap Square KL!


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