Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 @ Cap Square KL Part 1 - Us

Hey guys… in case you can’t make it this year (and shame on you), or to entice you to come, here’s a rundown of what you’ll find at KL Design Week 2010! I’m posting this live, thanks to P1’s free Wireless KL service (although I’m pretty sure i’ll be using up my 500MB limit posting this up!)

Anyways, here’s the rundown on KL Design Week. It’s basically the 2nd year this is happening, and it’s a city-wide event to draw all those hibernating and hiding artists out of their immaculately designed cubby holes.

Here in Cap Square, it’s the design showcase. There are students, hobbyists, and full-blown businesses here, all cheerfully side-by-side, some selling, some not. Don’t worry, we are :)

Here’s the awesome marquee outside by Raffles International College, made of 100% recyclable goods (except maybe for the plastic tomatoes… hmm..

KL Design Week (73) KL Design Week (83)KL Design Week (79)KL Design Week (80)KL Design Week (82)

KL Design Week (81)KL Design Week (84)

KL Design Week (77)


And here’s our boothKL Design Week Foldees Booth 1

We got the booth quite last minute, so we basically spent a total of RM54.80 on design, consisting of a few large format prints, sticky-tape and a box of 2B pencils to replicate the background of our website.

KL Design Week Foldees Booth Close

RichardLee’s Wang Lee Hom typography was a real hit – a Swedish guy even asked for a poster!

KL Design Week Foldees Booth 3 .

Oh yea, and the sticky tape was really crap. We kept having to restick them three times a day.

KL Design Week Foldees Booth  4

KL Design Week Foldees Booth Pencil writing KL Design Week (25)


KL Design Week (36)

And of course an endless stream of people checking out the cards…

KL Design Week (5) KL Design Week (6)  KL Design Week (34)

It’s not really optimal to be working on Labour Day, but we’re glad we did!


(… coming up in Part 2, the other exhibitors!)

PS: Don’t forget you have only two more weeks to get your designs in for A Modern Fairytale! Only at


Emila Yusof said...

how cool!!!! i saw mine!

Chee Ching said...

CHAKK! :D Got close up of my typography? HHEHEH! Thanks Chak! :D

Mr Lonely said...

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chak said...

Ching... gotttt. I edit and upload later. My bandwidth here finis already. Hehehe.

Emila, how's the Peugeot?