Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Progress Report

Well, the publicity machine has finally kicked off, and we've been covered in quite a few places.



and a few other lovely blogs by lovely people :)

Also, the traffic on our site has been absolutely fantastic! Given the lack of promo (the publicity only kicked off last night), we've already gotten over 1000 hits, and more importantly, our site has registered 123 AI template downloads already! So that means (potentially) 123 entries for our contest, which is way above what we were expecting for our first 3 days. Thank you to all the lovely people who helped us spread the word - not only the sites and the bloggers, but our friends and family who have been spammi... er... "informing" their friends and family as well about the contest.

One thing we want to stress to the people who've downloaded the template - since it's the first time we've released it to the public, ANY feedback is good feedback. Is it easy, confusing, pretty, ugly, pretty ugly... anything! Leave me a comment, or drop me an email.

Muchos gracias!

UPDATE (22 June 08):
We now have coverage from two big ones!


As a result, our numbers have doubled across the board.

These are the stats from Sunday midnight 22 June, which makes it exactly one week since we started.

305 AI template downloads
2125 hits from 754 unique visitors

Thanks so much for your support and keep spreading the word!


Emila Yusof said...

Yay! Way to go! I like the idea of having Malaysia based designers greeting cards portal. Kudos!

The color of my shoes is dark blue.

BADesign said...

yeah man. way to go! really appreciate you guys' efforts to credit the designers of the cards as well by putting their names and so on.

Energon said...

emila: Thanks so much for your support! We really hope to do your designs justice.

badesign: We wouldn't do it any other way. We believe in showing due credit, and we believe that the card buyers will appreciate knowing who came up with the design too, so they can check out your other designs on our site in future.