Sunday, June 29, 2008

And the competition heats up!

Last week, we began to receive submissions for the contest! We're happily surprised that people aren't waiting until the last minute to send in their entries, AND with good reason!

The earlier you send these entries in to us, the more time we have to let you know if the entries are lacking in some way. For instance, we've had a few submissions that didn't fully outline their fonts, used non-vector images, and a few other things that we can get back to you on, to ensure you have the best chance of not only winning the contest, but selling lots of your cards on our site!

So even though the deadline is officially July 17th, DON'T WAIT TILL JULY 17TH to submit your card!

So far, since most of the publicity went up, our site has been quite abuzz with activity. To date, we've gotten 700 downloads of the AI template. Even if 10% of those send in entries, we'd already be giddily happy :)

In fact, we've already received multiple entries from a few participants. Unfortunately, that also means stiff competition for that cash AND those lovely WACOM tablets. Incidentally, we just got something from the postman today.

The whole set of WACOM prizes!

The baby of the bunch, the Bamboo Fun Tablet 4x6.

The Bamboo A5 has some curious multi-lingual salutations on it. Hopefully, we will too when opens up someday :)

The Intuos3 4x6. If you look carefully, you can see the box we received had a small dent on the side, although the distributor assures us that the contents are fine, and that they're all still under warranty :)

The MASSIVE Intuos3 A4! Pictured here with a carton of Farmhouse Milk for scale comparisons. Even we didn't expect it to be so big. (btw: Farmhouse Milk is the yummiest milk in the supermarket)

Better get those entries in fast, ya?


Emila Yusof said...

Cool! Big is good! I'm using an old intuos, GD1212R 12"x12", which is quite big!

rizal said...

wow.. these prizes look tempting.


chak said...

Emila: Yikes! Yours is even bigger. think this one has a higher sensitivity tho :)

Rizal: Hahahah... better get those entries in fast.