Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sheer talent

As part of the PR movement for Foldees, I've been trawling the blogs of local designers to look for potential contributors to our contest. One of the reasons why we started this project was that we believed that there was talent here just waiting to be found.

I always knew that Malaysia had much more talent than most people were aware of, and yet I'm still flabbergasted at the quality, and creativity that's available in our very own country. Here are a few snippets from our local pool.

Kid Chan
When we first applied for our grant, I brought along a few samples of Malaysian talent with me to show our grant board that our project was possible, and that these people needed a voice. A full half of the samples i brought that day were from someone that I found on deviantart.com named Kid Chan (not to be confused with the celebrity photographer).

Later I found out that Kid has quite the manga following, although I'm not sure if she actually has published works just yet. Oh yea, and I only just found out that she is indeed a she :) Oops.


One of the talents that hails from up north, our programmer actually forwarded BunnyT's blog address to us, and said "I don't care what you do, or how you do it - you MUST entice her to join our contest!".

As you can see for yourself, her skills with character design are amazing! Equally amazing is her talent for lighting. It's easily on par with anything you've seen on a screen in GSC recently, and I really do hope that someone has already recognised her talent besides us.

Emila yusof
One of the early supporters or our site, Emila has been drawing since she could 'pick up a pencil'. Also from the northern region, she is actually a mother of one, doubling as a freelance designer. She sells a few items on Zazzle, and Imagekind (including a few greeting cards, so watch out!), as well as making a few handcrafted items which she sells on her blog.

Her art style is very much in line with my original brief to design the site - "Wistful and child-like wonder". Not only does that apply to her artwork, but also her sense of humour. I've seen some of the cards she's selling on Zazzle, and they always draw an involuntary "AwwwWwwwW..." from me. Think I'm a wuss? You try checking them out!


Honestly, I consider what we do at Foldees to be just a mere channel. All we're doing is creating a space for you guys to showcase your work, and telling the world about it. In other words, you could say it's sort've like designer PR - in more ways than one :)


Anonymous said...

hey nice work chak. keep it up.

Emila Yusof said...

Thank you for the mention, am truly honored!

Zeeman said...

Yeah! Chak this is simply, stupendously great...hiphip hooray crikey good show ol boy pip pip and all that!

rizal said...

wow.. these are all marvelous.. a great way to see all those Malaysian creative people.

hope foldees will successfully be as what it has intended to be..

ehh helo Kak Emila.. hehe

chak said...

JED: Thanks... BTW I was never a prefect!

emila: The honours ours.

Zee: Thankeedoodly!

Reez: We hope so too. From the entries we've gotten so far, i think this is the beginning of something awesome.

Chen said...

kid chan is a lecturer from the one academy. Very talented.