Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 essential ingredients in a Foldees card (and a sneak peek at our Comicbook Christmas collection)

1. One fresh punchline - The greeting card is one of the only mediums on the planet that lets you have a punchline (i.e. you can hide the punchline until the recipient opens to greeting card). Don't waste this opportunity! Find a way to leave something that would either elicit a wink or a smile from someone.



2. A light splash of vectors - This is something that is a personal preference for me. I love uncluttered designs with simple, solid lines. This is also part of the reason why we chose to disallow gradients from our designs. I believe that one of the main things that makes Foldees designs stand out on a rack (which we are getting soon ;)) are the clean uncluttered designs on many of our cards.



3. Two tablespoons of CrAzY - I always believe that a little bit of craziness never hurt anyone. We love cards that get that "What the heck!?" response, and we've been getting our fair share of those from our first contest.



4. A pinch of purpose - While the cards are primarily made for the contest, we do need to sell them at the end of the day. This means that the cards have to be created with a specific purpose in mind, and not just as a design showcase. Another blog post will be created on this soon, but the main thing is that as long as you can imagine yourself giving the card to someone (who isn't a paper recycler), you're good to go :)

cmmoong---I-DON'T-Like-Big-Butts-(Cover) cmmoong---I-DON'T-Like-Big-Butts-(Content)

5. Bake in current time - One of the advantages of you guys submitting in designs is that we can use them almost immediately, with a very quick approval process. This makes it possible for cards to come out that relate to current events, for instance, the current economic crisis, or a new movie.



Yup, some awesome Christmas Cards comin' your way. And one heckuva promotion for all your friends living far, far away!

Stay tuned!


bem69 said...

Very cool entries, but I truly love the face butts one. Totally out of the box. Woohooo, its getting hot in herre.

StreetFX said...

Wah i like the last entry,good one.
Btw i think i'll be able to submit one last minute XD

chak said...

hahahaha... you guys weren't kidding about 1159.


No more extensions for next contest!

Anonymous said...

Wah... All so geng 1 ar!!
First 1 my choice, soo... dramatic, simple & neat.

BTW Chak, we are thinking of 11:59.59sec

More extension, haa...

J_Gold said...

Quite a bit of talent, some pretty awesome entries there! I'm trying to finish mine up. :P

chak said...

Hahahaha.... yup.

quite an even balance of Malaysian and international talents this time. 3 Malaysian and 2 internationals posted on this page. won't ruin the surprise by telling you guys which is which :)

KarmaKloth: No more extension! Grrrr...
J Gold: Looking forward to it!