Friday, October 31, 2008

Comic Book Christmas cards now on sale! (and the ratings have begun!)

Here we go again...

Some of you observant ones might have noticed that we uploaded the Christmas cards to the server last night, to give you guys a sneak peek at what's on offer (and to designers, who your competition is).

Well, enough with the teasing. Ratings are now open at from now until November 20th!

The Ratings

As mentioned before, we've kept the pool smaller this time... so you have 60 cards to rate in all. For those of you new to the site, we have a random ratings engine which randomly brings up cards for you to review (you need to be logged in though).

Once you've rated all the cards, you'll get a Coupon Code that you can use to redeem a FREE CUSTOMISED CARD! Before you ask, no you don't have to make a purchase to redeem your card. Heck, if you're not buying anything else, you don't even need a credit card. See how we love you guys?

The Incentive

The highest rated cards after the ratings period (which ends 20th November 2008) will determine who gets first dibs into Santa's Bag'o'Gadgets, with over US$2500 worth of goodies and cash to be won. Once again, please vote fairly. We pruned a sizeable number of votes from our last contest due to what we deemed to be unsportsman-like behaviour, and we'll do it again to ensure that this is a greeting card contest, not a popularity one.


For you card shoppers, we've just included a category system that'll make it way easier for you guys to search for cards. We're currently working on a version that'll let you scroll through more categories within the same page so watch out for that. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see at our site, do send them to

Speaking of ideas, many of you have requested individual card pages so that you can forward them to your friends. We're working on this right now, and it should be up by the time the ratings period is over :)


In other news, to our Malaysian friends, we're also going to be in The Star Section Two, with a super cheesy picture of myself and my (business) partner, Alvin, so go pickup a copy to see what we look like up close n personal like.

Till then, happy ratings and don't take any milk-based candy from strangers tonight (Halloween cards next year fer sure).


Anonymous said...

Haa... have been waiting for this!

And congrats for not having extend! tsk...

chak said...

Hahahah... thanks!

And we repeat.