Monday, October 27, 2008

That's a wrap once again!

And submissions for the second Foldees contest have now been closed! Happy DIWALI everyone!

Thank you to everyone for once again taking the time and sweaty palms to submit some really quality work to our site.

This time around, we've taken a slightly different stance in terms of the entries we received. Quite a few of you were asked to re-submit your work with a rejigging of ideas (no, it wasn't just you).

This is because we've decided to take a consultative role in your greeting cards. We've found that while many of you have some awesome ideas and abso-fricking-lutely wicked designs, you also had your fair share of issues with phrasing, and copywriting.

While we won't profess to be greeting card experts, our team does have a strong editorial background in copywriting and publishing. As such, we want to work with you guys to get the best out of your cards!

Of course, this level of consultation also takes its toll on our time and resources. As such, not all of your cards will make it into the final cut. Despite receiving slightly more submissions this time around (around 200+ on last count), we've narrowed this round to a final cut of 60 cards (our earlier contest, "We Are All Geeks" had 70 finalists).

Remember, on 1st November, we open to site to our now (in)famous Random Rating Engine, which will scroll through all the cards randomly asking each for a rating. Put in about 15 minutes of your time to review all the cards, and you'll net yourself a FREE CUSTOMISED CARD sent to anywhere on the planet... no strings attached! So don't forget to blog, shout, use a sandwich board and walk the streets or post on your favourite forums to your friends asking them to come down and give us a hand in choosing a winner.

One of the things that really took off were the amount of international entries to the site this time around. For that, we mostly have to thank Francesco from, who not only posted about our contest, but even extended the date when we did. Aside from that, we also did our random posting on blogs and forums, which has resulted in a good 30-40% of our entries this time from beyond our shores.

As some of you guys might know, we're just a small Malaysian company, that is aiming for the big leagues and wants to bring everyone with us! And I have to say this again, I am once again in awe of the talent on show here. It's really a testament to what we believe we can achieve in the greeting card market, with so many talented designers out there in the market.

Also, with the names removed, you'd never guess which countries these entries come from. Except for BadAdam's one design: -


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