Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life's like a box of philatelic chocolates


From this picture, it's clear that this is a bad year for stamps. Birds, fruits, and birds eating fruits. This is what Foldees users have unfortunately been getting so far.

A friend of mine recently suggested that i checkout the Malaysian Philatelic Society, which at first sounded like people who are lactose-intolerant. Eventually I found out that they were the group in charge of keeping a chronicle of the stamps in this country. I don't care what you say, that's so cool!

So anyway, i expected to go into a room with a guy with huge gold-fish like glasses that was going to tell me all about stamps. Instead, it's a simple counter, with a simple foldees that lets you view all the different stamps from different years. The cool thing is that because they are stamps, they're only allowed to be sold at stamp value (an RM2 stamp will cost RM2 and not a penny more). However, because of this, collectors come here in flocks to buy whatever they think might go up in value over the years. As such, you can usually only find stamps from the past few years. Still, there were some very COOL ones... and we sorta went overboard. I don't think I've ever bought this many stamps in so many varieties before.


A couple of hundred bucks worth of stamps, which we'll be using for all Foldees cards sent out this month! In this shot, you can see these lovely LAT ones. Lat is the nickname given to Mohammad Nor Khalid, Malaysia's most popular cartoonist. I have at least 20 LAT compilations at home, and still read em once in a while when i'm feeling nostalgic about my childhood. Here are some of the other choice picks...


I really like this one. It's the clocktower in Kota Kinabalu and just seems to make our envelope so much more classy. I also did not know they have all these beautiful elongated stamps!


stamp3 image

Neither did i know they had triangular stamps! How cool are these!? They go onto the envelopes' corners like this...




Here's a few inspired by our dear Malaysian fiasco into space. It's funny how our first astronaut in space was a doctor, and literally served zero purpose up there (except being the first to observe fasting times). It's a sign of the ills our country is facing. The stamps are pretty funny though.



Speaking of which, we found this stamp pretty funny as well. A sign of the times?


Some scary animals. Check out that horny toad and the afro-skunk!


One of our favourites. This is a beautiful rendition of the fruit season in Malaysia. It looks like something out of an old Mexican chapel.



Another example of excellent local artwork. The topic is map-reading. God knows what it has to do with Malaysia, but that guy in the hat looks totally bad-ass.




These three are special edition RM2 stamps, that sadly, only our overseas recipients will be receiving.


And finally, here are the free stamps the kind lady gave me after i asked her for a bulk discount. She gave me about 40 bucks worth. But then again, I bought quite a lot.

There are a heckuva lot more stamps in our collection, but I've already spent half the day scanning these, so I this i need to get some real work done now. Wanna take a gander at these stamps? Order some cards today!

"you never know what you gonna get..."

PS: On a smaller note, there was a typo in the contest page. Originally, it said US$400 for third prize, and has now been corrected to US$300, which is what it's supposed to me. sorry for the inconvenience!

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