Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" Birthday Card Design Contest

Spocks and Leias.... it's CONTEST TIME!


This time, we've decided on a sci-fi theme, entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before"! We're primarily looking for Birthday Cards, but if you have any other ideas, (for say love, or friendship related cards), do try submitting them as well.

W e're looking for cards that you would totally give to a Trekkie, a Closet Jedi, or anyone who's ever watched Aliens, The Terminator or even Back to the Future. Just make sure the films you're adapting from are well-known enough, and of course, that you're not violating any copyright laws.

Here's a coupla ideas to get you started...

Movie poster spoofs

Hand gestures

or spoofs of famous scenes and quotes, like this previous entry into our christmas card category.

2008101919380901250063152219_uden - Santa Vader (cover)


The contest deadline is Sunday, 22nd March 2009, but as usual, we encourage people to send their designs in early. As you may know, we have been experiencing some unreliability which we're still trying to solve right now, so better safe than sorry. Also, Foldees has a policy of consulting the designers constantly about their designs to come up with the best finished product. As such, we often feedback certain comments back to the original designer before submitting, to improve his/her design before we finalise it into our contest.

Go nuts like you always do!


KarmaKloth83 said...

* Congrats Milkberry.

chak said...

May the deadline be with you, Matt.

cscottdraw said...

Can you enter more than one submission?