Thursday, February 5, 2009

The winners of "The Game of Love"

Guys, I'm sure by now that you guys are already salivating at the thought of that sweet sweet US$1,000 first prize.

"MMMMMM..... Money for kickass designs!"

This time around, the response was overwhelming! Some cards even got more than 50 comments! Each card was rated more than 240 times, so you can ensure that the final vote really counts :)

<Side gripe :As some of you regulars know, we have an extensive engine to root out people who voted unfairly, and remove their votes from counting towards the end total. We do wish these people would stop trying to game our system, since it's obviously not working after three contests!>

On the brighter side, we also have some amazing designers who voted other designs higher than their own designs. *sniff* you guys are so awesome!

So anyways, without further ado, here is the list of winners for "The Game Of Love".


OUR FIRST WINNER TODAY hails from our home country of Malaysia. This is her second time submitting for the Foldees contest. You can easily identify her works from the simple, whimsical drawings that have become her trademark, and that have made her entries some of the office favourites! Her winning design is taken from one of the very first games ever released on the PSP called Loco Roco.

In 5th place, with a score of 3.01, winning US$100 in cash...

5. Dayze - Fill Me With Your Love





THE 4TH PLACE WINNER is a bit of a minor celebrity! When we first received his entry, we knew we'd seen that name somewhere before, and sure enough, we had. As you know, the founders of Foldees are very very ardent fans of a certain T-shirt site. This designer has had not one, but THIRTEEN designs printed by Threadless. So while the prize money probably won't make a dent in his bank account, we're very very very proud to that he took the effort to join our little contest. Like Dayze, his entry is also linked to a video game, albeit one that has been with us for the better part of a decade.

In 4th place, with a score of 3.21, also winning US$100 in cash...

4. radiomode - Bubbly 





THIRD PLACE GOES to someone who was also second place winner from our previous contest, which means that he is building up a nice retirement fund right about now. He's known for his colourful style, with a particular affinity for the colour pink, which suits us just fine for the upcoming non-holiday. Here, he's followed suit with our previous two designers, and used a game that brings back alot of sweet memories for the Foldees team - Sonic the Hedgehog. We're guessing he's also a rather forgetful little feller, since he's now entered all three contests under three different names (we're assuming you haven't discovered our password retrieval system yet?).

In 3rd place, with a score of 3.24, winning US$300 in cash...

3. Zhet (aka ZacYouth, aka BryanZ) - Heal Me! 




OUR SECOND PLACE WINNER should come as no surprise to Foldees fans. This Mexican designer has already swept the acoolades once before, and almost pulled a hatrick this time with his homage to one of the most beloved video-game characters of all time, Mario. Even our official Game of Love poster was a tribute to Mario, so he was obviously on the right track with this submission, which follows closely from his previous contest-winning entry.

In 2nd place, with a score of 3.31, winning US$600 in cash...

2. salchipunk - I Don't Need 





AND FINALLY, THE WINNER OF "THE GAME OF LOVE", is someone totally unexpected. Not only did she buck the trend and choose a game that has been with us since a time when console "meant to be a friend to" - before Mario ever jumped on a turtle, before the first quarter went into a Pacman machine. Her design style is in many ways, everything that Foldees looks for in a winning entry. Sharp wit, paired with a simple, clean, yet incredibly attractive style. In many ways, a relative Illustrator novice could have put together this card, and yet, the greeting card market is flooded with much more cluttered designs that try to do too many things at once. This is the reason why we are here, and we believe, the same reason why all the users on the site eventually gave their votes to a Malaysian girl in faraway Japan.

In 1st place, with a sizeably higher score of 3.39,  winning US$1000 in cash...

1. Milkberry - Please Say Yes



YES, milkberry. On your first try too! Congratulations! And congratulations to all our other winners as well! We'll be contacting all of you very soon to arrange the prizes to be handed to you.

On a side note, the cards are already on sale, with only a few days to promote it on your individual sites to help them sell well this Valentine's Day, so don't forget to plug the contest results on your blog.

To the other designers who participated in our contest, do try again for our next contest (tune back into the blog this Sunday to find out what wicked ideas we have planned next!), and don't forget, that sales of your cards still nab you US$0.10 per card purchase! If you want to find out how you placed in this contest, do drop us a message at and we'll tell ya!

Thanks to everyone who participated, either by submitting designs, leaving comments or helping us to design between all these fantastic designs we've been receiving. We're feeling the love, and we sure hope you are too!


Soulie said...

Congrats milkberry!!! you won!!

bem69 said...

Actually Chak, I won lah, must be a mistake there. Hahahah, congratulations Milkberry!

Milkberry said...

LOL @ Bem69. Thanks Foldees, thanks everyone who rated and thanks Bem & Soulie!! Huggles~~~~

chak said...

Bem: We'll tabulate the votes again in your constituency ;)

jayhan said...

Congratulations to the winners! :D