Sunday, March 22, 2009

YES. Submissions for “Where No Man Has Gone Before” have really ended. We mean it. No, seriously. We’re not joking.

Stop laughing, darnit! This ain’t funny.

We have really closed entries this time for “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. No extensions for any reason. Yes, we know… we’ve extended our last 3 contests, but if we keep doing this, sooner or later, we’ll have to make a double extension.

So that’s that. For the next week, we will be helping the designers out with their cards, providing feedback about design, theme and grammar to get you guys polished to a sheen :) Most of the designs came in the past 24 hours, so we’re trying our best to provide quality feedback to each and everyone of you. We’re hopeful that most will get a reply from us by Monday or Tuesday at the latest, after which you’ll have just less than a week to get those entries back to us in time for the ratings period.

Ratings starts on the 1st of April (Not a joke, darnit! STOP LAUGHING!).

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