Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foldees heads in a bold new direction!

As you guys know, our last contest was entitled “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. This actually got us thinking. Perhaps greeting cards as a medium was too limiting. After all, who sends greeting cards in this day and age? Perhaps we should diversify into something a bit more mainstream. Something people use every day, whether they like to or not.



ROLLEES!™ was born out of a need to make the washroom-going experience a more unexpected one. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to take any of your favourite greeting cards from our collection, and customise it into your own unique toilet paper!

Here are just a few of the designs we’re offering!

P1050492 P1050490

These two poke ones are great for those tough moments when nothing seems to make it through.


And this classic design by milkberry encourages users to wipe, instead of messy water-based solutions.


This one is from our latest collection, and brings an other-worldly feel to your everyday activity. Speaking of which, the latest designs are up now! Vote for them and get a card free! Voting period closes 1st May 2009!

ROLLEES!™ are made from 100% recycled TP and available in 2-ply, 3-ply and 11-ply.


cscottdraw said...

lol greatness

Ze Hoeng said...

lemme be the first to identify.. april fool's joke?

teckiee said...

LOL! I would get those... but I think Ze Hoeng just burst the bubble? hehe

Wan Cheng Huat said...

lolz.. i used to have this many many years ago.. my mum kept it from her teen years..

collectable items..

thanks for bringing it in to malaysia

chak said...

gosh. uh... how many of you would be willing to pay for this stuff?

Wan Cheng Huat said...

really can wipe @$$??

chak said...

yup. for real. Might just make a batch. There's been demand on the facebook side as well, so why not?

suzan said...

i want - how much is it?

chak said...

heya suzan,

unfortunately it's pretty pricey. We're looking at about US$10 per roll, which is about RM35.

do you think that's reasonable?

suzan said...

ya in m`sia but based on designs it is reasonable.... :) so do u have orders on it? can we choose the design?

chak said...

hey suzan, drop me a mail at design@foldees.com with the design you want and I'll see what I can do :)