Sunday, March 8, 2009

Foldees Twitters!


This is actually quite addictive. You might be wondering why the heck it took us so long to get on twitter. Well, it’s cos we hate to jump on bandwagons. We don’t want to jump onto every trend that’s promising the world, and we sure couldn’t see the point of updating something in short sentences to let them know every little thing going on with us…

…until I realised that I was updating my status updates on facebook every 36 hours.

And getting 14 comments for every update too.


Gosh darn ADD generation! So that’s the story. Someone really nice posted something up about us on twitter (thanks Jacob!), directing a whole buncha traffic to us, and all of a sudden, we’ve already made three twitter entries, and are itching to make some more (except for the fact that we want the current one to stay).

Fellow crowded bandwagon passengers can follow us on :)

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