Sunday, March 15, 2009

Foldees in the fastlane!

One of the complaints we get frequently is that our little site seems to be loading rather slowly. We’ve tried switching hosts, but the speeds on other hosts were slow as well. We also noticed that most of the complaints we received were from Malaysia. Recently, we figured it out. TMNet’s connection has been excruciatingly slow to all overseas sites, especially those hosted Stateside. So guess where' Foldees is hosted?

Yup.That’s right, the land of opportunity.

Anyways, recently the connection to the US has been getting better, but we thought we could take it another step in the meantime. As such, we’ve made significant (and mostly invisible) changes to the site code so that it loads MUCH MUCH faster now, in particular the gallery section.

Since its invisible, why are we telling you? well, because we can only test in on our little laptops in our office. If you’re experiencing a slow connection to foldees, do let us know!

Speaking of slow, don’t forget that you only have 7 more days to submit an entry to our contest! If we can recruit 100 new designers (we have quite a few already), you can look forward to more than enough dosh to go around for everyone.

Get crackin!

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