Thursday, May 7, 2009

BookBinder Designs


A few weeks ago, I got an email from a woman called Sonia, who owns a shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre saying that she was interested in getting a consignment of Foldees cards. The first thought that came to my head was “What the heck is a consignment!?”.


And that concludes today’s lesson in world domination. Anyways, as some of you might know, Foldees cards so far have only ever sold at the odd bazaar (really well, we might add!) and InQBox@One Utama.

Well, after we met Sonia (a lovely little Irish-Malay girl), we found out that she owns a small chain (well, two branches at least) of shops called BookBinder Design. It’s actually a Swedish franchise of stores, that specialise in premium paperworks stuff, like greeting cards, gift boxes, photo albums and the lot.

Here’s the front of the store, with the two very helpful assistants, Liza and Marina (hope i got that right!). I really do like that quote on the wall.


Walking around the store, we love the colours they use, and the in-no-way-random order that they’ve been placed in. Very nice attention to detail.


EVERYTHING is placed very very precisely where it should be. So much so that it actually looks like the interface for Photoshop or something.


If there’s one thing you should check out in the shop, it’s the notebooks, which are absolutely AWESOME, particularly these endless hairball ones.


Also, these giftboxes finally make sense out of throwing the gift away and keeping the box (which in this case, might actually cost MORE than the gift… *ahem*)


Wait, did we say greeting cards?


OMG! Foldees is now selling at Bangsar Shopping Centre! According to Sonia, since we put them up less than 24 hours ago, they’ve already sold a couple!

And next week, we’ll also be moving into Bookbinder Design’s other branch, in Parkson, Pavillion. Look out for that, and more as Foldees endures to come to a branch near you!

In the meantime, BookBinder Designs has been gracious enough to give us 25 x RM25 vouchers for their BSC store, which we’ll be giving to the first 25 designers to get approved designs for our new contest, Monochrome. So hurry and get those designs in NOW (only valid for people who are in Malaysia, unfortunately).

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Mike Tee said...

Wowwww exciting. Congrats!!!

MissD said...

awww! awesome blossom!! congratz. let me know when you're ready to attack BLN. omg actually thats what you should do when you come here. i know some people who can help out. for real.

chak said...


that would be awesome!

I dunno how it would work... I guess we'd have to do an overseas consignment?

Emila Yusof said...

omg!!!! when did this happened? I went to BSC last two weeks and to Bookbinders itself but didn't see the cards!!!!

That is so great Chak!!! Easier for me to purchase Foldees cards!!! Kudos!!!

chak said...

Hahahah... no worries Emila, We're giving RM25 vouchers for the first 25 submissions we receive, so this is the time to make your comeback!