Monday, May 4, 2009

The Winners of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

*drum roll*

It’s time once again to announce our winners. First off, some really interesting facts about our recent contest.

  • For the fifth time, we have a new winner! So far, the winner of the Foldees contest has never been the same.
  • Every other winner in the top 5 has won a prize on Foldees before.
  • Foldees now has 95 designers from 29 different countries
  • For the first time ever, no Malaysians made it into the Top 5 (although one of our winner is a native Malaysian now located elsewhere)
  • Out of 42 cards, 8 were about star wars (what , no space invaders!?)

So, now that we’ve whetted your appetite for what lies ahead, let’s set the warp drive for “Tooth-pulling” and awayyyyy we go…

5. Kokuzo – Rabbit on the Moon (Prize: US$100)



A very cool idea with a difficult birth. Kokuzo (or Franz, in real life) must’ve sent this file to us a bazillion times before we ended up with what you see before you. The idea of an alien wearing a bunny suit is just so darned cute that it was damn near impossible not for him to win something this time around!


4. salchipunk – The Birthday Machine! (Prize: US$100)



Since winning our Christmas contest last year, our little Mexican friend has not stepped off the podium yet, scoring a 2nd, and now a 4th place. And it’s not difficult to see why… with his clean, cutesy, cartoony art style matched with an equally clean, cutesy brand of humour, Mauricio looks like he’ll be sweeping up for some time to come.

3. noelevz – Yoda’s Birthday (Prize: US$300)



We’re not ones to play favourites, or choose winners (we let you guys do that!) but when we saw this card, we knew it was going to be a winner. The simplicity of the play on Yoda’s inability to show age is perfect! As such, this placing so highly is once again proof that the crowd-rated model works just the way we want it to! Congrats Emmanuel!

2. Milkberry – Alien Probing (Prize: US$600)



We’ve said it many times before, but we absolutely LOVE milkberry’s art-style. Her cards are still some of our retail top sellers, and if you look at them, you’ll understand why. It’s a very confident, clean style that doesn’t try to be too shouty, but rather takes the approach of less being more. The wistful look on the bunny (why do Foldees designers like bunnies so much?) is a great example of this.


1. rocknrolla – Astroman! (Prize: US$1000)



And for the fourth time, has a new winner! Ladies and gentlemen, rocknrolla… who hails from Serbia! This design reminded me instantaneously of that awesome old cartoon series on Nickelodeon. Once again, much like the previous Foldees contest winners, it showcases a very neat and clean style, with a clear and simple idea conveyed across two pages.


A little surprise :)

Congratulations once again to our winners! Also, even though we did not reach our targetted 100 new designers, we have decided to award the SHOTGUN award to Mdavict for making it through with a total of FIVE kickass designs, most of which scored very well, and just marginally missed out on the main prize money! Well not anymore… we’re awarding you with the prize of US$200 for your efforts!

2009032618505303431971660650_mdavict - From A Galaxy Far Far Away (cover) 2009032618495602960781976685_mdavict - Alien From Outerworld (cover) 2009032618562900620250423973_mdavict - Space elefant (cover) 2009032618571101870901464293_mdavict - A Spacial Birthday (cover)

2009033117034300781020951901_mdavict - I Am Your...(Cover)

Congratulations to all the winners! We’ll be contacting you shortly. Just a quick note before we go - despite our international aspirations, we’d LOVE to see the revenge of Malaysian designers in our next contest, which will be announced tomorrow. In fact, we have a surprise incentive for Malaysian designers ONLY, so make sure you come back tomorrow to check that out!

Don’t wait, participate!


cscottdraw said...

hmm... love all the winners, a little surprised by the first though.

levy said...

Congratulations to all the winner. You all deserve it.

chak said...

Actually, rocknrolla has been leading since day one, so it was a consistent favourite throughout.

Thanks to everybody else for participating! If you want to know how you scored, just email me at chak[@]

Milkberry said...

I'm so happy rocknrolla won! I LOVE the card! And congrats to everyone!

bem69 said...

Congratulations to all the winners! rocknrolla's surprise card makes me laugh everytime I view it. Great stuff.

Noelevz said...

I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be one of the winners.

Congratulations to everyone who have won.

cscottdraw said...

its not that I don't like the first place, It just wasn't one my favorites, but it gives me some things to think about for the next contest =) Congrats all

chak said...

Hahahaha... I understand Chelsey. I don't always expect the winners to turn out the way they do. However, we know our own ratings system inside out, and can vouch that these are public choices without prejudice.

mdavidct said...

Congrats all the winners!! and hope next contest i make in to the first places.

and congrats to all the other great desings don't get in to the first places.

cscottdraw said...

I believe they are =) I actually think the rating system Foldees has installed is one of the best I have seen.

jason said...

Hi to all, congratulation to all the winners. The list of all the winners is really fated to be chosen.

Congratulation to Mr. Shotgun. Bang Bang! LOL

chak said...

mdavict: Trust me, mate... you weren't far off. Which is why we decided to award you a prize anyways :)

Chelsey: Thanks so much! If there's anyway you guys think we can improve it, do let us know...

Jason: Bang Bang Back!

mdavidct said...

hi everyone, my english is bad and never mean to said the winners dont deserve it, they are the best and only try to say congrats all the winners and congrats all the other designs that don't make it.

i like foldees and want to do better jobs and win next time.

and thanks so much for the prize.

and agin sorry for the missundertod and for my crapy english.

gErLeNe said...

wow..u did it again kuya...
your really the best..

congrats to all winners!!!!
they all deserve it..