Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Monochrome Greeting Card Contest (first 25 designers get RM25 Bookbinder Design Vouchers!)


Yup, it’s contest time again! This time around, we’re challenging designers to an exercise in simplicity, using only one colour (and black and white are not colours which means you can use black, white and one colour).

What kinds of designs are we looking for? Any kind! Although if you’re unsure, we’d probably prefer that you stick to staples like Birthdays, Flirty, Get Well, or Friendship cards.

Please keep in mind that we’ll be keeping an extra sharp eye on not just design, but card themes that make use of the “Monochrome” theme. The official rule for now is that the cover must only be of one colour (not including black and white), but the inside of the card has no limitations on colour, except the usual Foldees rule of strictly vector art only. This means you can go wild with plays on the names of the colours you’re using… like Seeing red, feeling blue and so forth. If you’re not sure about the theme, or need help with an idea for your design, do hit us at design@foldees.com and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

Also, if you're planning on adopting an idea that uses copyrighted materials, please be aware that we have strict rules regarding the use of such materials. Be sure to read our guide regarding copyrighted materials in the FAQ first before submitting.

Monochrome was a contest suggestion from jayemcee, voted by the designers themselves through our Open to Suggestion initiative!

As usual, we’d ask you to submit your entries early, but this time, we’ve got something BIG to put the fire down your pants! In conjunction with the recent partnership of Foldees and Bookbinder Designs (more on this tomorrow), the lovely people there have decided that they’d like to support the design community by offering FREE RM25 VOUCHERS at BOOKBINDER DESIGNS, redeemable at Bangsar Shopping Centre for the first 25 designers who have successfully moderated designs in our contest!

Bookbinder logo

BookBinder Designs is actually a Swedish firm that sells really pretty stuff like picture frames, customisable calendars, photobooks, gift boxes and of course, greeting cards! Unfortunately, this deal only applies to BookBinder Designs in Malaysia, so only designers based in Malaysia will be given the vouchers. Yes we love the rest of you too… and will get you something for the next contest,k?

So hurry and get those designs in! We’re giving one voucher per designer, not per design, so multiple submissions will still only net you one voucher.

Check out our spanking new Contest Page at www.foldees.com/contest for further details! Submissions period ends 11th June 2009!

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