Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monochrome now closed! Come back on June 18th to help us rate!

Sorry guys, we’re closing the doors on time again. Yup, for those of you new to Foldees, we previously had a tradition of extending our contests (check here, and here ) for various reasons, but ever since the last contest, we’ve been dead serious about our deadlines and it’s paid off!

This time around, we’ve been receiving a few entries EVERY DAY since the 2nd week of the contest, and the response to this contest has been the BEST EVER. We’re still doing a final count of entries, so wait a coupla days to check out who you’re competing with this time.

Also, if you’re from Malaysia, do check your mailbox for a little something from us ;)

Most importantly, don’t forget to come back on June 18th 2009 to help us rate the cards!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your cards to our little contest!

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