Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Contest extended by a week to 24th July 2008!

No, we're not going to say the typical because-the-response-has-been-overwhelming bit here. For various reasons, including some entries that require a bit of tweaking before final submission, we've decided to extend the contest for a week, to give you guys more time to polish your current designs or even to submit a few more!

So the timeline for now will be as follows:-

24th July - Contest Closes

26th July - Site open for review and ratings

26th August - Voting closes

31st August - Winners announced... LAUNCH!!! ROFL @$^$#%%OMG LOL n00b!

We've collected about 50+ designs so far, although some do require some tweaking before they're shown to the public. Our target for this contest, is 30 good designs and I've got to say that there are a few that I've received in the past week that really show us what the potential is of designers out there.

Here's are a few of my personal favourites -

sorry botcover

 force chatid brain r2

devil noob

This should give you guys some food for thought.


... said...


I've just submitted with the RGB color mode...

chak said...

...: RGB is our preference, so you'll be fine :) I'll be sure to specify this for the next contest. Sorry for the confusion.

Karen said...

? i summitted in CMYK..

chak said...

Hi Karen,

I think I got your submission. did you get my email reply?

恬tian.潘 said...

can i ask wheather cn submit multiple entries?

chak said...

tian: of course you can :) But you better hurry. Our contest closes on thursday!

Amin Kamis said...

Your server got configuration error today 23 July. Pls correct it.

I cannot resubmit artwork

chingy said...

Just wondering have you gotten my entry keke.


chak said...

amin: It's been fixed. check the next blog post.

chingy: yes we did... it's already been approved :)

恬tian.潘 said...

hi,cn i know wheather gt receive my design?

Anonymous said...

Me too! Did you got my entries? TQ

chak said...

um... you guys'll have to give me your emails then i should be able to check.

drop me an email at chak@foldees.com?

Or you can wait till saturday when all your entries are on show for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!
Great work everyone.
And Chak, I've sent you a mail of my GF & mine email. Thanks!