Sunday, July 27, 2008

Foldees needs your HELP!

Ok guys! We're finally up for reviews and comments! Sorry for the delay, but after we finished uploading the last card (about 5am on a Sunday morning), we had an earth-shattering bug that we had to exterminate before we could opened the site up.

Thankfully, everything's okay now (we hope), so go in and start rating! We need your ratings both to help us choose a winner, AND to help users to pick cards in future!

We also need you guys to help us spread the word! Let your friends know about it through Facebook, Friendster, MSN, your blogs, everywhere! The more people that come to rate the cards, the better for everyone :)

Here's a pretty flyer that you can send to all your friends to impress them.



::lil ice:: said...

thank for ur compliment~
so will u rate mine?lmao!
but i saw a lots bad comments bout the card at the comments box~ u find my blog?
kinda surprised~~

chak said...

lil ice: heh, we already have :) We found your blog through Google. Yes, we google our own name once in a while to see what people are saying about us.

::lil ice:: said...
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Milkberry said...

I stumbled upon foldees through a friend's persistent pestering (LOL okay not really). I found out it's Malaysian based, so I'm really proud wheee~ All the best, and in the spirit of 'we are all geeks', live long and prosper.

chak said...

thanks Milkberry!

welcome aboard... are you entering our next contest?