Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't be a spoilsport

Guys, we've been monitoring the ratings that some people are giving, and it has occurred to us that some people are rating every card with a minimal score except their own.

This is seriously uncool. While we can't judge your opinions, we do want to site to be a true reflection of who has a better design, which is why we put the random ratings engine in place to prevent people from just voting for your friends.

Please note that in an extreme situation, where we have one designer who gets an abnormal amount of such votes (i.e. all 1s except for one entry), WE WILL DISQUALIFY YOUR ENTRY, and remove your card from the site.

If you've already done it, and you want a chance at winning the contest, please encourage your friends and family to vote on their own opinions and not just yours.

Also, apologies if you've been having problems with Sign Up. We've fixed the problem that some people seemed to be having with the Captchas, but if there are any other issues, please please please let us know at

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