Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Foldees is broken on Internet Explorer 6!

A friend popped us a screenshot of how Foldees looked on IE6, and we were shocked. Seems it's totally broken and unusable.

We've tested the site extensively on IE7, Safari and Firefox, but unfortunately don't have the resources to test or customise the site for every single version of every single browser available.

So, to all IE6 users, we're SORRY! But you can download the Foldees RECOMMENDED Mozilla FireFox 3 here :)


jayhan said...

All web designers hate IE6. I feel you man. However you can use IEtester to test your site on IE6 ;) Pretty handy.

chak said...

thanks for the tip, jayhan!

The nightmare's just beginning tho... IE8 Beta is out already. Heh.